Johnny Depp Testimony: Amber Heard Also Abused Boxer Tyson Fury, MMA Fighters and Entire 49ers’ Offensive Line

Buck Turgidson, Jr.
Buck Turgidson, Jr.
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FAIRFAX, VA — In testimony during his $50 million defamation suit against ex-squeeze Amber Heard, plaintiff, erstwhile actor and quasi-musician Johnny Depp has alleged that Heard physically abused him during their tumultuous relationship. In a twist, the plaintiff today alleged that not only did Heard abuse him, she also assaulted dozens of other men, many of whom were noted for their strength and toughness.

Depp asserted that in November of 2015, shortly after Tyson Fury had won his first heavyweight championship belt by defeating Wladimir Klitschko, he and Heard met the victorious boxer at a celebration party held in a Dusseldorf, Germany hotel. Angered by Fury’s reluctance to grant Klitschko a re-match, Heard apparently KO’ed the champ with a quick combination followed by a straight right hand that sent him to hotel room floor for several minutes.

Asked about it shortly afterward, Heard confided to friends that she had pummeled the champ “for being a fat pussy. Hell, I beat the shit out of Klitschko and his brother a couple of years ago at a bar in Miami. I’d fight him again if they’d let me. Fucking Ukrainian pig.”

Depp’s testimony went on to include sordid revelations of other violent encounters involving Heard. Depp claimed that she had, at various times, “bitch-slapped and generally fucked up” several MMA fighters, most notably former UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic. Heard allegedly brought down the 6’4″, 235 pound fighter with a right uppercut and a lightning-fast kick to his “tiny Croatian nuts” at a 2015 celebrity fundraiser. Miocic, understandably embarrassed, declined to press charges, and avoided public contact for several weeks following the incident.

Depp offered a final example of Heard’s violent, dangerous outbursts when, just before a noon recess, he testified that she had attacked several players while the couple were guests of ownership at the San Francisco 49ers training camp during the summer of 2015.

During a drill involving all five members of the 49ers’ first-string offensive line, Heard allegedly became angered by the players’ lack of intensity. After loudly challenging the players from the sideline — “you wanna go, you faggot fucks?” — she supposedly leaped over the railing, ran on to the field, and began beating all five players hockey-style, with their helmets intact and their jerseys pulled over their heads. Battered and bloodied, the players retreated to the locker room while security chased Heard around the practice field.

The jury seemed unmoved by the powerful allegations, and most of them had to be awakened by the bailiff when the proceedings broke for lunch. Testimony will continue tomorrow.

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